Halifax Town Centre Delivery Plan

Our vision for Calderdale is to be an attractive place where people are prosperous, healthy and safe, supported by excellent services. It's a place where we value everyone being different and, through our actions, we can demonstrate that everyone matters.

Calderdale will soon start to benefit from a once-in-a-lifetime investment in transportation infrastructure from the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund. This programme will focus considerable investment within Halifax town centre, improving connectivity, enhancing our urban realm and providing the means to develop previously undeveloped areas of the town.

The Council continues to invest in Halifax, bringing forward significant capital schemes such as the Piece Hall and New Central Library development or the £12m Halifax Town Centre Office Strategy.

But what does all this mean for Halifax? What is the best way to capitalise on these opportunities? How can the town benefit from its position as a Spatial Priority Area within the City Region? These are precisely the questions addressed within the Halifax Town Centre Delivery Plan.

The plan provides an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of the town and gathers the requirements and aspirations of local residents, cultural and commercial groups, to arrive at a deliverable vision for economic regeneration within Halifax town centre.

The plan identifies the key sites where the most gainful development can be taken forward and also provides a vision for the town and a pipeline of development priorities/objectives for the Council to focus on in the short, medium and longer term. Some of the priorities identified within the Delivery Plan are already in progress:

  • Piece Hall and New Central Library – under construction
  • Halifax Town Centre Office Strategy – nearing completion
  • Northgate Site Re-development – soon to begin
  • Feasibility works on Halifax Borough Market – will begin later this year
  • Design of a new leisure centre at Northbridge – in progress. 

Businesses will also vote on whether to accept a Business Improvement District within Halifax towards the end of the year.

The delivery plan provides a roadmap for regeneration within Halifax for the Council. It provides a long term focus for regeneration, protecting our historic and cultural assets, improving prosperity and ensuring that Halifax remains a jewel in the crown of West Yorkshire.