Halifax Rail Station

Have your say on Halifax Rail Station! 

To ensure that plans meet the needs of people using the station and addresses the issues facing those who currently don’t or can’t, a survey is available, which aims to understand what people do and don’t like about the existing station and its facilities.

The short survey is available online here and at the station’s ticket office. It asks how frequently people use the station and for people’s thoughts on the current facilities and what could be improved.

The feedback from the survey will be used to help shape the project, focusing on the areas that current users and potential users find the most important.

Creating a world-class rail station

Halifax Station is a key gateway not only for Calderdale but for North England. It is an entry point into our thriving town adjacent to major employers, our national children’s museum and heritage destinations including the iconic Piece Hall.

Our vision is for a regionally recognised, landmark station with world class facilities that serves as an instantly recognisable hub and gateway to Halifax town centre; combining rich heritage assets with unique design that responds to the area’s distinctiveness, revitalising the relationship between the station, the town and its ambitious renewal to create vibrancy and confidence that define Halifax as it embraces its future.

Around two million people use Halifax train station every year, and we have an ambitious target to see 50% more rail trips in 2026 than in 2016. Improving the station and the way people access it will help meet future demand. It will also improve the travel experience, create a more attractive environment and boost the local economy by increasing investment, jobs and tourism.

We have considered a number of design options in partnership with Network Rail, Northern and other organisations. The concept design includes:

  • A proposed new station at platform level
  • A transport interchange combining all modes of travel to and from the station
  • Replacement of the station access bridge with an attractive landscaped entrance to the new station
  • A new car park and drop-off, pick-up and taxi points
  • Reopening the third platform in front of the ‘1855 building’
  • New areas for shops or food and drink businesses

Accessibility for everyone, including step-free access, is a key feature of the design, as well as the blend of old and new.

More detailed designs will be prepared by 2019 and consulted on in 2019.