Halifax Borough Market

The Halifax Borough Market is the heart of Halifax town centre and, in many ways, our most important building. Following on from the significant investment in the Piece Hall, the Council is now looking to the future of this important facility as part of ongoing improvements to the town centre set out in the Halifax Town Centre Delivery Plan. 

The Council has allocated £100k to fund a detailed feasibility study which will look at:

  • the most effective ways to preserve and enhance this historic building for future generations to enjoy;
  • options for bringing the residential properties ('Streets in the Sky') within the building back into use;
  • options for enhancing the retail offer and facilities available within the building;
  • solutions to ensure this important facility gains maximum benefit from proposed transport infrastructure investment delivered as part of the West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund. 

Work will begin on the feasibility study later this year and residents will be consulted throughout the project.