A629 Halifax town centre

The proposals for Halifax Town Centre will provide improved accessibility to the town for all residents and visitors and achieve a greater sense of place and deliver regeneration and growth aspirations. The proposed scheme will reduce congestion and improve pedestrian connectivity within the historic core of Halifax.

In order to deliver the improvements to the Town Centre, it is necessary to undertake highway improvements to the eastern corridor and western corridor. This will result in improved journey times for through traffic, especially at peak times.

The transport infrastructure investments proposed for Halifax Town Centre comprise three key elements, the delivery of which is targeted to be completed for 2021:

  • Upgrade of the eastern corridor (Church Street, Bank Bottom, Berry Lane, Charlestown Road) including developing an ‘Eastern Gateway’  through the creation of a public square and provision of improved and enhanced pedestrian and cycle access facilities from the Rail Station into Halifax Town Centre.
  • Upgrade of the Northern Gateway (Northbridge, Broad Street, Cross Hills) into Halifax Town Centre and extensive public realm improvements in Halifax Town Centre including improvements to Market Street and the reconfiguration of bus movements.
  • Enhanced Southern and Western Gateways (Wards End, Bull Green, Cow Green) in Halifax Town Centre.

Well planned investment in better streets can…

Improve Consumer and Business Satisfaction

  • Perceptions matter – high quality urban realm enhances the attractiveness of an area
  • People like pedestrian areas and dislike traffic
  • The importance of car access to town centre retail is consistently over estimated
  • High returns for spending

Contribute to Urban Regeneration 

  • Attract investment 
  • Increase rents and property prices
  • Result in increased employment levels 
  • Help address social exclusion

Improve Existing Business Performance 

  • Increased footfall and trading by up to 40% 
  • Walking and cycling projects can increase retail sales by 30%