Opportunity to relieve congestion in Brighouse whilst facilitating job creation and housing.

4th July, 2017

The Clifton New Employment Site took a step forward when it was assigned as an Enterprise Zone in 2015, and the subsequent development of ideas to maximise this designation has now provided the data to submit a bid for £4.5M of Department of Transport funding.

Calderdale Council has made the case for a road across the Employment Site to relieve congestion at the A643/A644 roundabout whilst providing improved access to the employment land on either side of the proposed road and increased capacity for a garden suburb in the surrounding district (Subject to the new Local Plan).

The Calderdale bid has been prioritised by West Yorkshire Combined Authority and a decision is expected from the Department of Transport in the autumn of 2017, with significant public consultation taking place before delivery. See here for the application form that has been submitted and here for the Appendices.