Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to some common questions about the developments in the Calderdale region. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

How can I have my say in the consultation?

You can sign up on our website to be involved or to receive E Newsletters.  A series of consultation events will also be advertised in the local papers.

How many disabled parking spaces are there and how will these be affected?

We are currently working on a Halifax Town Centre parking strategy where disabled parking along with loading and unloading will be taken into consideration.

How much are these developments going to cost and where is the money coming from?

The West Yorkshire+ Transport Fund will see the whole of West Yorkshire receive £1 billion investment over 20 years through the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. The Local Economic Partnership (LEP) will receive £573 million over six years. This level of investment really is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, and has come from central government through a bid process.

How will you publicise what is happening in the areas?

For all future and on-going improvements, we will promote via the nextchapter website, twitter and facebook along with local newspapers and newsletters.

Is the bus station moving?

No, the Bus Station will remain in the same location but it will be made smaller and more efficient.  We are currently looking at plans which will be made available on the website once they are ready for discussion.

It sounds like a lot of work. How long will all the developments take?

It varies, from the short to the long term. Some developments, such as the restoration of the Piece Hall, are underway; some are yet to begin. Overall, these developments will be completed by 2021.


What duties do you have to ensure i can pass by all of the works safely?

We are obliged by various legislation and best practice to ensure safe access by all works areas to vehicles and non-motorised users alike.

What is the current position on carrying out road works at night?

It is too early to fully understand the detailed works programme across the portfolio.  There will certainly be a requirement for night working.  Where this is necessary all reasonable precautions will be taken to minimise disruption to the travelling public and residents.

What will be in the new public square at the front of the Piece Hall and Library?

The detailed design of the square will begin from autumn 2016. It is envisaged that the area will be a place to meet, sit and enjoy and will contain seating, artwork and planters. It is hoped that the street furniture used will reflect the historic nature of the surrounding buildings.

What will the benefits of the investment be for the people of Halifax and Calderdale?

It is anticipated that the development programme will have a direct impact on the economic activity of Calderdale to the tune of £150 million GVA. 2,000 jobs will be created across the region and the area will become better connected, with easier ways to get around and more accessible, attractive transport options.

It’s all about creating a place where people want to live, visit and work. A place where businesses want to locate whilst attracting investment and interest from a whole range of sectors.


What will the money be spent on?

The investment will be spent on a variety of different development schemes, in transport, public spaces and business premises. For more information, see our Vision and schemes page. 

What's happening to improve links between the Town Centre and Dean Clough Mills?

We want to create a pleasant walking experience between Dean Clough Mills and the Town Centre to encourage a better link.  We will be bringing more detailed plans to future consultation events.

What's happening to improve Market Street?

We are looking to introduce a much improved pedestrian experience.  We are working on designs and plans and once we have some detailed plans to show you, we will arrange a consultation event

Where do i get my bus from whilst works are on-going?

At this time, we are working with Metro to look at alternative bus stops for you to use whilst works are ongoing.  More details to follow once plans develop

Why do I see lots of works started where there is no one working?

Lane closures are required for the safety of the public and not just the workforce. Traffic management is left in place to protect a workforce you can't see e.g. down an embankment or to protect the public from an open excavation.

Why is all this highway work necessary?

It's to improve access throughout the borough and to unlock key development sites which will facilitate growth within Calderdale.

Will the developments cause longer journey times and disruption across Calderdale?

We’re going to be redirecting roads, remodelling junctions, redeveloping stations and landscaping swathes of public realm. With any major development there will be a level of disruption which may well involve time added to your journeys. However, we’ll keep you informed about what work is taking place and when so you can explore other options and avoid particularly troublesome spots. Check back here for regular updates or better still, sign up for our e-updates and follow us on Twitter.

Will the emergency services be able to access the area?

Yes, they will not be affected and we have regular discussions with all services to ensure that there are no disruptions to emergency services

Will there be a number of Apprentices created through the works?

We are currently exploring options for including contractual requirements for appointing apprentices on some elements of these works.

Will there be local jobs created during the construction work?

We are currently investigating the option of including local labour clauses within our future contracts.